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ADAS has been coming to the automotive industry for quite some time. ADAS is an abbreviation for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and is part of your vehicle safety devices. These safety devices such as Sonic sensors (reversing aids) have been fitted to vehicles for over 10 years, but new autonomous technology means that cars are getting smarter by way of improving sensors, radar and lidar and giving them the ability to understand its surrounding. (Read More) >>>

All automotive manufacturers guidelines require that calibration should be completed after any changes have been made to your vehicle. Failure to complete calibration could affect your insurance in the event of an incident. More information on why you should calibrate

There are many reasons why the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems on a vehicle should be calibrated, these include: replacing or repairing a bumper or windscreen, modification of the vehicle (changing the geometry of the car i.e. suspension, wheels, bumper, etc) or an accident - even minor damage could have ramifications on your vehicle safety system. (Read More) >>>

Due the accuracy of the calibrations we perform there is some information you need to know before attending or booking a calibration. There are some rules which we must follow to comply with the IIR regulation set by Thatcham. Before calibration can be performed on a vehicle the vehicle must be road legal and safe. We may also ask you to prepare your vehicle by following these guides Here >>>

Depending on what type of calibration is required the time it takes to complete a static Camera and radar calibration is around 45mins - 1hour 30 mins. Dynamic calibrations can take from 30 minutes depending on current traffic conditions and local roads.

At the end of a successful calibration you will get a certificate for each system calibrated plus a pre scan and post scan of your vehicles data. This could be required by your insurance company and will conform to their statement of IIR

Currently we are able to handle calibrations of both radar and windscreen camera's on Audi, VW, Skoda, Seat, Ford, Vauxhal/Opel, Range Rover and more dynamically. Other manufacturers Like hyundai, kia, nissan and Renault will be added as the equipment becomes available. Please give us a call to see if we can calibrate your vehicle.